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K-series Mini conversion: Click on Pictures for a larger image

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The Mini Clubman Estate joined the fleet in August 2006, it needed a fair bit of work to make it roadworthy and reliable but still the engine was a tad ropey, therefore it seemed the ideal platform to form the basis of the K-series Mini conversion.

Having looked at the various subframe options I was pointed to a half finished subframe on one of the Mini forums, a few emails later and we were taking a van to stoke to pick up subframe, 1.4 16v engine and many parts, almost enough to make a complete system.

The engine we aquired was a single point engine but a multi point manifold was also supplied with the engine as was a 1.8 manifold and 1.8 ecu/loom.

Unforunately the 1.4 and 1.8 ecuís are not interchangeable due to a different number of flywheel teeth/missing teeth. 1.4 spi/mpi ecuís however are interchangeable. As we had an mpi loom this appears to work with the 1.4 mpi ecu we got from ebay along with another 1.4 mpi manifold.

Before fitting the engine to the frame and the frame to the car we decided it would be wise to test the engine and various components first, therefore the engine was setup with radiator and fuel pump for a trial spin before fitting, although initially hard to start it did eventually fire into life, a bit loud with no exhaust but seems to run on all 4 cylinders just fine, see following video .........

***** first start video *****

The next step is to finish the subframe, paint the engine and put the two together ready for fitment to the car...... 



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